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Ayanda Matiwane

Ayanda is registered with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professionals (SACNASP) as a professional Natural Scientist: 119146 and with the Environmental Assessment Practitioners Association of South Africa as an Environmental Assessment Practitioner: 2019/1755

Pioneering Environmental Excellence

Ezendalo Environmental Consultants are your partners in achieving ecological and social sustainability. With a decade of innovation and commitment to environmental stewardship, we’ve honed our expertise to meet the unique environmental needs of our clients, spanning from local startups to multinational corporations aiming for greener operations.

Our diverse team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, propelling your projects forward with strategic environmental planning, comprehensive assessments, and cutting-edge solutions. We empower businesses to navigate environmental challenges, turning them into opportunities for growth, community engagement, and lasting impact. Join us in our quest to cultivate sustainable practices that not only comply with regulations but also foster a healthier planet and community. At Ezendalo, your environmental vision becomes our mission.

Who We Are

Ezendalo Environmental Consultants (EEC) is a reputable firm of consultants headquartered in East London, South Africa, specializing in environmental consulting and supply and delivery services for both private and public sectors. Established in 2016, Ezendalo aims to solidify its position as a leading South African firm, responding to the escalating demand for construction-based projects across the country and the continent.


At Ezendalo Environmental Consultants, our vision is to redefine excellence in environmental consulting. We are dedicated to delivering services of unparalleled quality while upholding the highest ethical standards and championing our core values. Our goal is to be recognized as the environmental consultancy of choice, esteemed by private and public sector clients for our integrity and innovation.


Our mission is to offer unparalleled expertise and eco-innovative solutions. By harnessing modern technology and sophisticated environmental information systems, we pledge to provide our clients with the tools and insights necessary to excel in sustainability. In every enviro-legal and due diligence audit, we apply laws with absolute integrity, accurately identify risks, and create effective mitigation strategies to protect our planet and client interests.


Our philosophy centers on mutual success: we believe our growth is inherently linked to the success of our clients. By adopting and advancing new technologies and methods, we not only propel our clients forward but also our firm. We remain agile and responsive, evolving our business to meet and anticipate the needs of those we serve.


Our objectives are to cultivate a dynamic and engaging workplace that promotes broad-based employee ownership, fosters a satisfying and challenging career trajectory, encourages innovative thinking, and nurtures a cohesive corporate culture that resonates with our dedication to the environment.

Focused on fostering sustainable development across South Africa

Ezendalo Environmental Consultants delivers professional environmental consulting services. With a vision set on expansion, we are poised to extend our expertise throughout the Republic of South Africa and across the African continent, contributing to environmental excellence as we grow.

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